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Samsung Internet 7.4 is stable — let’s check-out what’s new 🛒

2018-09-12 Peter O'ShaughnessyBrowser Features

Samsung Internet 7.4 is stable — let’s check-out what’s new 🛒

Featuring the improvements from the 7.4 Beta, including special news and shopping additions in the US

A shopping cart —photo by our colleague [Diego González](undefined) ([link]( shopping cart —photo by our colleague Diego González (link)

Hot on the heels of our v8.2 beta announcement, we’re pleased to share that the stable edition of Samsung Internet has now been updated from v7.2 to v7.4.

This includes the updates we launched in beta a few weeks ago including authentication with Intelligent Scan, customised Reader Mode and Download History improvements.

It also features a couple of special additions in the US…

Quick Suggest (US)

A new announcement! Quick Suggest is** **a personal shopping assistant, available in the Samsung Internet browser in the US. It shows you relevant deals as you browse products on the web, helping you to save time and money.

Quick Suggest — your personal shopping sidekickQuick Suggest — your personal shopping sidekick

Read all about it here in Mahesh’s new post. Introducing Quick Suggest, Your personal shopping assistant from Samsung Internet! As holiday shopping season is approaching fast, we are very excited to announce Quick Suggest, a shopping assistant…

News notifications (US)

Also available, for those of you in the US, is our optional news service. You can receive push notifications for breaking news stories and tap through to read them in Samsung News.

News notifications journey (left: push notification, middle: tapped through to article, right: ‘More News’)News notifications journey (left: push notification, middle: tapped through to article, right: ‘More News’)

Find out more about the service from our colleague Ren’s introduction post here. Introducing News Push, Be the First to Know - Ren Bitonio - Medium You can now receive news push notification via Samsung Internet v7.4 and be informed of top and trending news from…

Thank you once again to all our beta testers who helped to road test all the new features before our stable launch. v7.4 is available now from the Play Store and Galaxy Apps Store.

By Peter O’Shaughnessy on September 12, 2018.

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