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Hello Web Community, this is Laura, the new member of Samsung Internet!

2019-08-23 Laura MorinigoWeb Development

Hello Web Community, this is Laura, the new member of Samsung Internet!

Since this week I am proud to say that I am officially joining Samsung Internet as a web developer advocate!! This is one of the most important moves in my career and here are some reasons why:

  • I will continue advocating about tech, with more superpowers working with a wonderful team that is engaged with diversity.

  • I am officially a London resident now after being a digital nomad for about almost 3 years!! London gave me happiness and opportunities from day 1 so really excited to call it home.

It sounds great right? But first let me introduce myself, so you can have a better idea of my background. I’m originally from Buenos Aires Argentina and I’ve been working in the tech industry for about 10 years as a developer, mentor and around tech communities. Sharing what I know has been a key part of my career since I got one of my first jobs as a tech instructor and then teaching coding in different bootcamps, from high school students to big corporations. When I was in my city I realized that this passion to share knowledge can even make more impact if I contribute to the communities, so then I became the organizer of Google Developers Group Rio de La Plata and a Women Techmakers Ambassador, we were organizing events, giving talks in different parts of the country and promoting diversity into tech. This work and also my contribution as a speaker have given me the recognition of being a Google Developer Expert in Firebase.

But why London now? Well, three years ago I quit my job in Buenos Aires to experiment the digital nomad life, travelling in more than 35 cities while I was working as a freelancer with a mission in mind: connect with the local communities, give workshops, talks and check which one would be my next place to be based. I arrived in London almost by accident and I’ve found an amazing tech scene, a welcoming city and it felt like my new home, therefore, I’ve decided to start checking my next career move here: advocacy. I’ve started to research developer advocate opportunities and I finally found this one, the requirements were so related with what I was already doing on my own so I’ve decided to apply. Funny fact is that a few days later I got a message from a friend of mine, also a Google Developer Expert, suggesting me this position and telling me that he knows the team. I was introduced to Dan, Ada, and Diego and we were really aligned in terms of goals and values, it was a match! 🤝

My first day at Samsung Internet with Diego and Dan, my happiness is pretty visible.My first day at Samsung Internet with Diego and Dan, my happiness is pretty visible.

If you didn’t hear about Samsung Internet before, here a few facts:

  • It is based on the Open source Chromium engine project

  • It’s a major open-source contributor to Chromium

  • It’s the most used browser in Android after Chrome

After almost 4 months since the whole process started after I accepted the offer I’ve finally started working with the team and here are a few things that I will be focusing on:

  • Progressive Web Apps: Creating web apps that are high performance regardless of the device or network and re-create an app experience in the browser is a topic that most web developers need to keep in mind. For that reason, I will be sharing best practices, creating demos and material to support this.

  • Accessibility: I’ve been always interested in creating more inclusive products and if we talk about web a must is accessibility. Besides becoming involved in standards like W3C I will be researching how to apply accessibility in fields like PWA and trying to connect this subject with emerging technologies like voice. I’m a voice-first enthusiast and my previous research of conversational design and cognitive science gives me the opportunity to look for a way to combine both things which I’ve found really interesting.

  • Developer Relations: I will look to connect with other communities around the world to build a better web for everybody, maybe the most interesting part is that I will be around places with a different culture than mine including Asia and building strong relationships between each one. Listening to developers and analyzing which challenges they have when creating for web will be my mission.

Those were just a few challenges that are related to my new role but most of all I am ready to leave the web better than I found it 👩🏽‍💻🌟

By Laura Morinigo on August 23, 2019.

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