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Adding web apps to your homescreen

Step 1

To add a web app to your homescreen just open up Samsung Internet Browser and go to your favourite website. If there is a plus icon in the address bar then it’s a progressive web app and you can add it to your homescreen.

Samsung Interet viewing a PWA

Step 2

Tap on that plus and you’ll be given two options, Bookmarks and Homescreen. If you tap on Homescreen a message will pop up saying that a shortcut to the app has been added to your homescreen.

Plus icon when tapped

If you don’t get the plus icon you can still go to the menu, the 3 dots on the right of the address bar, and tap ‘Add to homescreen’ from there, this will create a bookmark to the site.

Step 3

If you take a look at the last page of your home screen then you should see a new icon.

homescreen with new pwa icon

Apps added like this can have all the features of similar apps from the Play Store, they can even send you notifications.  A video of the whole process can be seen below.