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Ambient Badging

Ambient Badging is when we subtly alert that the Web Site they are currently on is also a Web App which can be saved like an app on their homescreen.

We display a ’+’ symbol to indicate it can be installed. Tapping it opens a small menu.

To make your website display Ambient Badging you need to met the following requirements:

  • On HTTPS
  • Has a Service Worker Registered
  • Has a Web App Manifest
  • The Web App Manifest has name or short_name
  • The Web App Manifest has start_url
  • The Web App Manifest has an icon where size is at least 144x144
  • The Web App Manifest has display set to standalone or fullscreen

These requirements may change in later versions of Samsung Internet

The test for the Service Worker occurs once the page has finished loading.


Ambient Badging was introduced in Samsung Internet 5.2