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8.2 Stable Release is out the Door

2018-12-21 Daniel AppelquistBrowser Features

8.2 Stable Release is out the Door

“Eight (Explored)” by Nikos Koutoulas (CC BY 2.0)

We’ve been testing and refining the 8.2 release of Samsung Internet since September and now we’re happy to report that this upgrade is rolling out across all Android installations.

Remember, Samsung Internet is available across all Android devices, not just Samsung phones. And Samsung Internet also allows you to install content blocking extensions which leads for a less cluttered and more private experience of the web on your device.

As we wrote about in September, the major features included in this release include the addition of the Do-Not-Track preference, an updated download manager, and updates to the “quick access” feature. We’re also rolling out a Chromium engine update (to M63) which include JavaScript (ES6) modules, Web Assembly, and the font-display CSS property.

Additionally the Web Driver support allows developers to control their device using tools like selenium to run automated testing in Samsung Internet.

We also now have further Bixby Integration! Allowing you to use your browser using your voice! For example:

“Open Internet and search for tree frogs” 🐸

There is significant **Download speed improvements **for large files! Files larger than 13MB will now download in chunks using multiple connections Giving a 15–40% speed improvement!

We’ve also introduced a new feature, News in Quick Access, in the 8.2 release. For now, this feature is only available in the US and Indian markets. More on this soon.

News in Quick AccessNews in Quick Access

Look out for more updates, including our new beta in the works, which we will be posting about early in the new year. In the mean time, our best wishes for the holidays! 🎄🕎✨ 🎁☮️

By Daniel Appelquist on December 21, 2018.

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